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Drench Groups and Actives – Sheep

Drench groups and actives for sheep

Paraboss Drench Decision Guide for Sheep

Drench groups and activesWormsExamples* of brand names/comments
BZ or benzimidazole group (‘white’)B
barber’s pole worm, ‘scour worms’, adult liver fluke, nodule worm, aids control of intestinal tapeworm (Moniezia)Valbazen (albendazole)
WSD Fenbendazole (fenbendazole)
Oxfen (oxfendazole)
LV or levamisole group (‘clear’)B levamisole barber’s pole worm, ‘scour worms’, nodule wormNilverm, Levamisole Gold
ML or macrocyclic lactone groupB 
(sometimes called ‘mectins’)       Ivermectin
barber’s pole worm, ‘scour worms’, nodule wormIvomec, Noromectin (ivermectin)
Absolute, Vetmec, Paramectin (abamectin)
Cydectin, Moxitak (moxidectin)
AAD or amino-acetonitrile derivative groupB      
barber’s pole worm, ‘scour worms’Zolvix
SI or spiroindole groupM      
barber’s pole worm, ‘scour worms’, nodule wormDerquantel is only found in a combination: Startect (abamectin + derquantel)B
OP or organophosphate groupM
naphthalophos (NAP)
(OPs have lower or variable efficacy against ‘scour worms’ in the upper GIT and immature barber’s pole worm)
barber’s pole worm, ‘scour worms’Rametin, (naphthalophos is commonly used in combinations)
TZ or benzimidazole group (flukicide)N      
Liver fluke (all stages); not effective against round wormsFasinex, Tremacide, Exifluke
SA or salicylanilides/phenols groupN
Liver fluke (> 9 weeks and adult) and barber’s pole wormClosicare, Sustain
IQ or isoquinolone groupN praziquantelIntestinal tapeworm (Moniezia)PraziquantelN is only available in combination with broad-spectrum drenches. First DrenchB, Genesis TapeB
*ParaBoss does not endorse specific brands, these are presented here as examples only.

Breadth of activity across different worm species: BBroad-spectrum; MMid-spectrum; NNarrow-spectrum

Actives: An ‘active’ is the chemical in a drench responsible for killing worms. Some drenches have more than one active and are called ‘multi-active’ or ‘combination’ drenches.

Combination or multi-active treatments: Proprietary treatments containing more than one active. Formulated to be compatible as a mixture. Note: Do not mix your own drenches unless the labels state that you can.

Product formulation: All single actives are available as oral drenches. Moxidectin is also available in injectable products. Intra-ruminal/controlled release capsules are available with BZ and/or ML actives. Abamectin is also in a pour-on formulation for both lice and worm control.

Length of protection: Varies from short-acting (‘knock-down’ that kills susceptible worms within the animal) to mid-length (1–6 weeks) and long-acting (approx. 3 months), which not only kill susceptible worms already in the animals, but also infective larvae that the sheep eat during the protection period.

‘Scour worms’: Mainly black scour worm and (small) brown stomach worm, but also others.

Label: Check product labels for full details. Follow the label.

Other parasites: The Drench Decision Guide for Sheep also shows effectiveness of groups against other parasites of minor importance.

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